Caetano Gotardo & Marco Dutra

Caetano Gotardo was born in Brazil in 1981 and studied cinema at the University of São Paulo. He has directed numerous award-winning short films, including “Sand”, which opened Cannes Critics’ Week in 2008. His first two features, “The Moving Creatures” and “Your Bones and Your Eyes” both screened at festivals around the world to strong critical acclaim and demonstrate a keen interest in how characters reveal themselves through language and movement. Caetano is a member of Filmes do Caixote, a collective of Brazilian filmmakers who have collaborated since film school. He edited both feature films by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas, “Good Manners” and “Hard Labor”. He has also written for multiple projects, including Dutra’s “The Silence of the Sky”. “All the Dead Ones” marks the first co-direction between Gotardo and Dutra.

Marco Dutra is a filmmaker and composer from São Paulo. Born in 1980, Marco grew up obsessed with the horror and fantasy genres, and this influence is evident in his films, which bring shadows and ghosts (both real and imagined) into the domestic spaces of middle-class life. In 2017 his genre bending feature “Good Manners”, co-directed with Juliana Rojas, won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. Previously, Dutra and Rojas collaborated on “Hard Labor”, which opened in Cannes Un Certain Regard in 2011 and was a Sundance/NHK Award finalist. Both films were edited by close friend and collaborator Caetano Gotardo. “All the Dead Ones” marks the first directorial collaboration between Dutra and Gotardo. Marco’s solo projects include the horror film “When I was Alive” (2014) and the thriller “The Silence of the Sky” (2016). He also directed on the HBO series “The Hypnotist”. Marco lives between São Paulo and Johannesburg with his husband, filmmaker John Trengove.


Caetano Gotardo & Marco Dutra

Caetano Gotardo

  • 2019 Your Bones and Your Eyes
  • 2017 Let the Storm (Short)
  • 2015 Choclo (Short)
  • 2013 Matter (Short)
  • 2012 The Moving Creatures
  • 2012 The Boats (Short)
  • 2010 Other People (Short)
  • 2009 The Japanese Boy (Short)
  • 2008 Sand (Short)
  • 2005 The Open Diary of R. (Short)
  • 2003 Not Meant to Hurt (Short)

Marco Dutra

  • 2017 Good Manners
  • 2017 The Hypnotist (TV Series)
  • 2016 The Silence of the Sky
  • 2014 When I Was Alive
  • 2013 We Were Born Today (Short)
  • 2011 Hard Labor
  • 2009 The Shadows (Short)
  • 2007 A Stem (Short)
  • 2004 Concert Number Three (Short)
  • 2004 The White Sheet (Short)
  • 2003 Waiting (Short)