After the War

« A former Italian terrorist loses his French safe haven and arranges to escape Europe with his teen daughter in this smart, affecting debut exploring the personal toll of violent political resistance. »


Bologna, 2002. The opposition to the Labor Law explodes in universities. The murder of a judge reopens old political wounds between Italy and France. Marco, a former left-wing activist, sentenced for murder and exiled in France for 20 years, thanks to the Mitterrand doctrine, is accused of having ordered the attack. The Italian government requests his extradition. Forced to flee with Viola, his 16 year old daughter, his life will change forever, as well as his family’s in Italy who has to pay for Marco’s past faults.




  • 2017 After the War
  • 2013 Ophelia
  • 2012 L’heure bleue
  • 2011 Schengen


Giuseppe Battiston, Barbora Babulova, Charlotte Cétaire, Jean-Marc Barr, Marilyne Canto


Screenplay: Annarita Zambrano & Delphine Agut
Cinematography: Laurent Brunet
Editing: Muriel Breton
Music: Grégoire Hetzel
Producers: Simone Banchini, Tom Dercourt, Stéphanie Douet, Sophie Erbs, Mario Mazzarotto, Daniele Modina, Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal Zade
Production: Sensate Films, Bord Cadre films, Cinémadefacto, Freestudios, Movimento Film

Technical Data

Format: color / 5.1
Runtime: 100′
Released: 2017
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English, French


Original title: Dopo la guerra