All the Dead Ones

“All the Dead Ones” (“Todos os mortos”) is selected for the Golden Bear award of the 2020 Berlinale Competition.


In Brazil, 1899, shortly after the abolition of slavery, the ghosts of the past still walk among the living. For the women of the Soares family, the task of giving up their privilege and adapting to a middle-class reality drives them to the brink of madness. For Iná Nascimento, a former enslaved woman, the struggle to reunite her loved ones in a hostile new world forces her to face the truth about herself. Between Brazil’s troubled past and fractured present, these women feel the ground shifting beneath their feet as they try to create a future of their own.

Festivals & Awards

  • 70th Berlinale: Competition 2020


Pedro Souza (Francisco), Luís Mármora (Seu Pedro), Eduardo Rodrigues Deguti Barros (Luiz), Laura Vieira (Munirah), Gustavo Vinagre (Silvano), Clément Duboin (Owner), John Trengove (Luchino), Othon Perdigão (Lorenzo)


Screenwriter: Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
Cinematography: Hélène Louvart, AFC
Editing: Juliana Rojas, Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
Sound: Christophe Vingtrinier, Rubén Valdes, Gabriela Cunha
Music: “Salloma” Salomão, Gui Braz
Producers: Sara Silveira, Maria Ionescu, Clément Duboin, Florence Cohen
Associate Producers: Dan Wechsler, Andreas Roald
Production: Dezenove Som e Imagens (BR), Good Fortune Films (FR), Bord Cadre films (CH)
International Sales: Indie Sales (FR)

Technical Data

Format: 1.85 : 1 / colour / 5.1
Runtime: 120′
Released: 2020
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English, French


Original title: Todos os mortos