The Next Skin

“The Next Skin is a punchy, accessible combination of domestic and thriller elements that provokes the heart and the head in equal measure, as well as representing a successful comeback for feted Spanish auteur Isaki Lacuesta.”
The Hollywood Reporter


Gabriel, a boy who had gone missing, is found eight years later in a home for teenagers. While he was presumed dead, his mother, Ana, doesn’t doubt his identity. Gabriel reintegrates the family life marked by his mysterious disappearance, but slowly doubt settles in: Is he really the missing child or an impostor?



  • Award at the Goyas 2017  (Spanish film prize): Best supporting Actress (Emma Suárez)
  • 3 Awards at the Gaudis 2017  (Catalan film prize): Best feature film, Best screenplay, Best Actress (Emma Suárez)
  • 6 Awards at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga 2016: Special Mention from the jury, Best Director, Best Actress – Emma Suárez,  Best Editing, Critic Jury Award, Student Critic Jury Award



Isa Campo

Isaki Lacuesta

  • 2016 The Next Skin
  • 2014 Dying Beyond Their Means
  • 2013 Perpetual Motion
  • 2011 Clay Diaries
  • 2011 The Double Steps
  • 2009 The Condemned
  • 2008 La luz azul (Blue light)
  • 2008 Rouch and me
  • 2006 The Legend of Time
  • 2002 Cravan vs Cravan


Alex Monner | Bruno Todeschini | Sergi Lopez | Emma Suarez


Screeplay: Isaki Lacuesta & Isa Campo
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel
Editing: Domingo Parra
Sound design: Amanda Villavieja
Art direction: Roger Bellés
Producers: Oriol Maymo, Dan Wechsler, Rafa Portela
Production: Corte y Confeccion di Peliculas (ES), Bord Cadre films (CH), Sentido Films (ES), La Termita Films (ES)

Technical Data

Format: DCP / 1.78 : 1 / colour / 5.1
Runtime: 103′
Released: 2016
Language: Catalan, French
Subtitles: English, French
Dubbing: Spanish


Original title: La Propera Pell