The Double Steps


The film follows contemporary artist Miquel Barceló into the heart of Dogon country. An old Malian legend says that every human being has a doppelganger, a kind of twin brother that can live somewhere at some point in time and whom we all have to find before we can become one with our true and unique self. Barceló believes he has found his doppelganger in the person of François Augiéras, the other white artist who lived before him in this area.


  • “Golden Shell” 2011 for the Best feature film ( International Film Festival of San Sebastian – Spain)
  • Jury Special Award 2012 (Festival internacional de Cine en Guadalajara – Mexico)


  • 55th San Francisco International Film Festival, 2012
  • 14. Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independente, 2012
  • 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2012
  • 47. Solothurner Filmtage, Solothurn 2012
  • 47th Chicago International Film Festival, 2011
  • 16th Busan International Film Festival, 2011




Miquel Barceló, Josef Nadj, Amon Dolo, Amasagú Dolo, Bakar dit Bouba, Alou Cissé, Soumaila Sabata, Mamadou Camara


Screenplay: Isaki Lacuesta
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel
Editing: Domingo Parra
Art direction: Sébastian Bircher
Sound design: Jürg von Allmen
Music: Gerard Gil
Producers: Luiza Matienzo, Dan Wechsler
Production: Tusitala P.C., Bord Cadre films, TVE Televisión Española, Televisio de Catalunya SA

Technical Data

Format: DCP / colour
Runtime: 86′
Released: 2011
Language: Bambara, French
Subtitles: English, French