The Harvesters

« There’s brute beauty to spare in South African filmmaker Etienne Kallos’ impressive debut, a stark, stately portrait of Afrikaner identity crisis. »


South Africa, Free State region, isolated stronghold to the Afrikaans white ethnic minority culture. In this conservative farming territory obsessed with strength and masculinity, Janno is different, secretive, emotionally frail. One day his mother, fiercely religious, brings home Pieter, a hardened street orphan she wants to save, and asks Janno to make this stranger into his brother. The two boys start a fight for power, heritage and parental love.



  • 71st Cannes Film Festival, official selection un certain regard, 2018




Brent Vermeulen, Alex van Dyk, Juliana Venter, Morne Visser


Script: Etienne Kallos
Cinematography:Michal Englert
Editing: Muriel Breton
Music: Evgueni et Sacha Galperine
Artistic Director: Barri Parvess
Producers: Sophie Erbs, Tom Dercourt, Thembisa Cochrane & Michael Auret, Giorgos Karnavas & Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Mariusz Wlodarski, Dan Wechsler & Jamal Zeinal Zade
Production: Cinémadefacto, Spier Films, Heretic, Lava Films, Bord Cadre films

Technical datas

Format: color
Length: 106′
Release: 2018
Original Version: Afrikaans, Zulu
Subtitles: English, French


Original title: Die Stropers